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CESRA meeting 2016: Working group on Space Weather and Solar Radio Science

CESRA, the “Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers” organises every three years a meeting that gathers solar radio astronomers from Europe and beyond, to discuss the latest challenges and discoveries in their discipline. During the 2016 CESRA meeting that will be held in Orléans, France, from June 13 - 17, 2016, a series of Science Working groups will take place.

WG4: “Space Weather” is devoted to the use of radio astronomical observations for operational activities aiming at improving our understanding of Space Weather. We invite participants of the CESRA meeting to attend and present contributions that are relevant to Space Weather. In particular, we would like to emphasize the following aspects:

* Observations
  * What is the status of our current capabilities in solar radio monitoring for SW purposes?
  * How can we improve existing facilities and set up new observing networks for a better time coverage of solar observations?
  * How to improve calibration of solar observations: can we set up new international standardization procedures? What is the long term stability of existing data (spectra and time series)?
  * How to detect and classify solar radio bursts in dynamic spectra for making automated alerts?

* Forecasts
  * How to make solar radio observations more accessible and understandable to non-radio physicists?
  * What is the use of solar radio observations (ground based or space-borne) for modelling of SW events?
  * What is the status of daily/monthly forecasts techniques of centimetric radio fluxes such as the F10.7 index?

* Impact
  * Which operational services are the more likely to be impacted by solar radio emissions?
  * How can we build resilient systems? How can solar radio monitoring be useful?

WG organisers: Thierry Dudok de Wit (Université d’Orléans, France), Christophe Marqué (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

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