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“Instrument Forum on the European Solar Radio Array (ESOLAR)”
Thursday, June 16, 2016
CESRA 2016, Orléans, France.

A European consortium together with partners propose to design a new solar radio interferometer called the European Solar Radio Array (ESOLAR), which will be dedicated to imaging the Sun with high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution over a wide range of frequencies (hundreds of MHz to several GHz). ESOLAR will not only vastly improve our understanding of the physics of the Sun, but will provide a profound insight into universal plasma processes.

The consortium aims to design ESOLAR, identify a site, build a prototype and define the budget and governance structure. These objectives will be achieved by bringing together an expert team of leading scientists, engineers, and computer scientists from Europe, the United States, and other nations, to carry out tasks relating to management, engineering, data handling, site surveys, strategy and finance, and dissemination and communication.

At CESRA 2016, we will hold a forum on the afternoon of Thursday, June 16 to discuss the science motivation, technologies and consortium associated with ESOLAR. We encourage all interested in solar radiophysics to join the discussions on this exciting prospect for radio imaging and spectroscopy of the Sun.

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