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Abstract submission proceeds in two steps: creation of an account (which is different from the account for registration !), submission of the abstract.

Create an account

To submit an abstract, you need to create an account that is different from the one you need for registration and payment (sorry for this complication): click on the arrow to the right of the "Login" button on the upper right of the page,  then "Create account". Fill in your information.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the username and password you've chosen. Please click on the web address at the bottom of the e-mail to activate your account.


Submit your abstract

To submit your abstract, go to "My space" / "Submissions" on the left of the web site.

Follow the instructions to enter

  • the "metadata" (title; abstract; type of presentation – note that "poster" presentations can also be presented orally in the working group of your choice; the session where you wish to present your contribution)
  • the list of authors: as a submitter, you are by default the presenter; you can change this  when adding other authors; click on "add an author". If your co-author has an account, his/her name will appear when you start typing it in the first field of the form. Otherwise you have to fill in the details yourself, starting in the second field;
  • you can add supplementary files if you wish

You will receive a confirmation of your submission by e-mail.

Deadline for abstract submission: April 30 

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