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Registration fee

The registration fee is 150 Euros. 


How to register

The registration is a two-step procedure: you pre-register, and the pre-registration is validated manually by the organising committee. Thereafter you get a notification by e-mail with the address where to confirm your registration. The procedure is a little lengthy, but feasible.

Please go to the web site

Click on "Registration" (Molière's friends may click on "Inscription").

Then you can make your pre-registration (see details below if needed); you will next receive a first email of confirmation and a second email later on indicating that your pre-registration has been validated.

Once you have received the validation of your pre-registration, click on the link in the email (or on validation link in the web page) and confirm and pay the registration (see details below if needed)
If you have doubts or encounter some problems you will find more details informations below:


1. Pre-registration

 A window with a choice of meetings will appear. Click on the "Pre-registration" button of the CESRA 2016 workshop. Fill in your personal information in the upper part of the window.

The lower part of the window is mostly useful for French participants whose registration fee will be directly paid by their institution. Other participants should just fill in their institution (for the badge) in the field "Last name" (sic). Since several other fields are mandatory, you will have to fill in something more. A dot is a solution that satisfies the system, together with an arbitrary e-mail and phone number (00 works) for the contact person. -> "Next"

This finishes your pre-registration. Don't be afraid if on the next page you see the  message "Give up and go to the homepage". You will get a notification of your pre-registration by e-mail.


2. Confirmation of your registration and payment

  • Once your pre-registration has been validated, you will receive another e-mail, entitled " CESRA 2016 - Your pre-registration has been registred.".  Click on the address for the final registration in this e-mail. Choose "Confirm a pre-registration" in the "CESRA 2016" row. -> "Next"
  • Enter your name, first name and e-mail exactly as in your pre-registration form (if you get an error message, you may have changed something). -> "Next"
  • Fill in your dates of arrival and departure (format "mm/dd/yyyy"), and your dietary requirements on the next page. -> "Next"
  • The following page is only for French participants whose institutions pays the fees directly. -> "Next"
  • Indication "You are paying the invoice" is preselected. -> "Next"
  • Category "Tous participants … (150 Euros)" is preselected -> "Next"
  • Choose your mode of payment: credit card or bank transfer. If your registration fees have been waived, choose "bank transfer". -> "Next"
  • Fill out the credit card details or make a bank transfer to the indicated address (unless your registration fees were waived).

 That's it – and there again you have the frightening message "Give up and go to home page". At CESRA, we never give up ! But you can go to the homepage, it's done ! Thank you very much for your registration.




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