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Science working groups (leaders):

  • WG1: Particle acceleration and transport (Miroslav Barta, Nicole Vilmer)
  • WG2: CMEs, shock waves, and their radio diagnostics (Alexander Nindos, Bojan Vrsnak)
  • WG3: Fine structures and radio wave propagation (Alexander Warmuth, Hamish Reid)
  • WG4: Space Weather (Christophe Marqué, Thierry Dudok de Wit)

Instrument forum for future observations:

  • SKA (chair: Eduard Kontar)
  • E-SOLAR radio heliograph (chair: Peter Gallagher)
  • General forum (TBD): includes ALMA, E-OVSA, EVLA, SolarOrbiter, SPP, LOFAR, MUSER, contributing ground-based facilities


See the list of contributions and the time table under the "Programme" heading.

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