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The following invited talks have been confirmed:

Invited talks (solar physics):


  • Particle acceleration and transport (Gregory Fleishman, USA)
  • High frequency physics and sub-THz emission (Guillermo Giménez de Castro, Brazil)


  • Interplanetary radio signatures and Solar Orbiter capabilities (Milan Maksimovic, France)
  • Theory and  modelling of type II bursts from the Sun to 1 AU (Joachim Schmidt, Australia)


  • Langmuir waves in solar plasma (Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, France)
  • Coronal waves, shocks, and associated radio signatures (Alexander Warmuth, Germany)

Invited talks (instrumentation):


  • Observations with EVLA (Tim Bastian, USA)
  • Observations with E-OVSA (Dale Gary, USA)
  • Observations with MUSER (Yihua Yan, China)
  • Solar ALMA observing modes (Ivica Skokic, Czech Republic)
  • LOFAR solar imaging (Frank Breitling, Germany)
  • Solar observations with SKA and MWA (Divya Oberoi, India)
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